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Welcome to the scraping service of BibSonomy.

This service allows you to extraxt bibliographic metadata from numerous digital libraries. The extracted data is represented in BibTeX format.

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You can also drag the button to the links toolbar of your browser once and then use it to scrape publications from pages listed here by pressing the button on one of the listed pages.

The service accepts the following parameters:

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active scraper The ContentNegotiationDOIScraper resolves bibtex directly from a given DOI, if no URL scraper matched the previously redirected page.

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@article{Kluger_1996, doi = {10.1037/0033-2909.119.2.254}, url = {}, year = 1996, month = {mar}, publisher = {American Psychological Association ({APA})}, volume = {119}, number = {2}, pages = {254--284}, author = {Avraham N. Kluger and Angelo DeNisi}, title = {The effects of feedback interventions on performance: A historical review, a meta-analysis, and a preliminary feedback intervention theory.}, journal = {Psychological Bulletin} }